GDPR Data Processing Agreement

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) aims to harmonise data protection legistlation across EU member states, enhancing the privacy right of individuals.  It applies to organisations processing personal data which have an establishment within the EU and to those organisations which operate outside the EU but offer goods and services to, or monitor behavior of, individuals within the EU.  The GDPR regulations are enforcable from May 25, 2018.

Unless otherwise indicated, PSW Paper & Print applies legitimate interests of a controller as the lawful reason for processing personal data of its business partners and including those of a controller to which personal data may be disclosed as Processor; and satisfies the ‘Legitimate Interest Assessment’ below; with periodic review and testing of information security systems.

On the understanding that the ‘Legitimate Interest Assessment’ has been applied by our business partners; upon receipt of the completed form below, ArtSystems is satisfied that our business partner is compliant to GDPR and will periodically review their use of Legitimate Interest and seek to improve security of the personal data they process.

Legitimate Interest Assessment

Where 'we' is used in this assessment, it refers both to PSW Paper & Print and the business partner completing the assessment.

  • We have checked that legitimate interest is the most appropriate basis for processing personal data
  • We understand our responsibility to protect the individuals interests
  • We have assessed our reason for processing, conluding there is no less intrusive way to achieve the same result
  • We have completed a balancing test, concluding the individuals interest do not overide those legitimate interests
  • Special category data has suitabily restricted access, with enhanced security as determined
  • We only use individuals data in ways that would be reasonably expected to achieve our business goals without being intrusive or causing harm
  • We have considered safeguards to reduce impact where possible, within the context of the date we process and the business goals
  • We have and will consider an opt-out as part of our periodic Legitimate Interest Assessment review
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