1. Onyx RIP Software certified for the HP Latex 700 / 800 Series Printers

    Onyx RIP Software certified for the HP Latex 700 / 800 Series Printers

    Onyx Graphics, inc., a leading software solutions provider for the digital inkjet wide format print industry, announced today that ONYX software is certified for the new HP Latex 700 and 800 printer series. This certification applies to all ONYX RIP and Print Workflow Solutions, including ONYX Thrive, ONYX PosterShop, and the newly released ONYX GO subscription, all on the company's latest version release, ONYX 21.

    The HP certification program differentiates software vendors through a comprehensive set of integration, compatibility, and performance standards testing against HP printing technologies. For this latest certification, Onyx Graphics designed the driver to support the vivid colour and newly added white-ink capabilities of the HP Latex Printer Series, including sandwich mode printing for under-flood, over-flood, and spot. In addition, the ONYX driver allows for ONYX Quick Set options to automate print production, taking advantage of the speed and agility offered in this new printer series. Combined with ONYX Color and iccMAX v5. profiling, users of the HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer Series can expect superior and consistent colour across their entire print production environment.

    "This latest certification achieved by Onyx Graphics showcases their commitment to providing outstanding support for HP printing technologies." Said Guayente Sanmartin, General Manager, Large Format Business, HP. "HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer Series users who choose ONYX software can feel confident in delivering outstanding quality prints to their customers."

    About the HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer Series

    According to HP, the HP Latex Series introduces a range of Latex Large Format print solutions to help Print Service Providers diversity their offerings. The HP Latex 700 and 800 series brings a suite of features that enable PSPs to be more agile, tackle ambitious projects, and take on the highest value work. The new portfolio also delivers fast workflows that help businesses hit deadlines while sharpening their sustainability edge.

    About Onyx Graphics, Inc.

    Leading the market since 1989, Onyx Graphics is dedicated to helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and color quality. Their passion for delivering superb color led to the development of ONYX Color, Onyx Graphics’ color engine optimized specifically for large format inkjet printing. Innovative, productive, and satisfied customers worldwide help motivate the company to develop and enhance its leading-edge technologies. Global channel partnerships and longstanding relationships with printer manufacturers position Onyx Graphics as a market leader in powerful, reliable, large format printing workflow software. For more information, visit

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  2. SAi launches new Flexi 21 all-in-one design to production software

    SAi launches new Flexi 21 all-in-one design to production software

    SAi today released Flexi 21, the most feature-rich version of its flagship signmaking software. The 64-bit RIP system is engineered to meet the demanding design to production challenges of sign & display and large format print providers for both novice and more advanced users, while continuing to be highly productive with fast processing speeds.

    SAi’s Flexi 21 design and RIP print software now supports multi-layer/white and varnish ink layered printing. With this versatile and powerful tool, Flexi can generate white or varnish ink on the fly or from the white layer in the predefined design. Users can control how the ink is printed in both the Flexi Design and Flexi RIP Production Manager functions. This “sandwich” mode printing supports printing multiple layers, for example, a bottom layer of white, colour in the middle, and varnish on top. With the ability to preview the white channel beforehand, users save RIP and print time and avoid wasted materials.

    Flexi 21 also includes variable data printing. Users printing a set of documents with mostly shared elements can change certain text or images from document to document. The Flexi 21 variable data printing tool will let you design the print template with a sample file, select the element that will change per document, and then specify the data to be used. This feature supports variable data images (including raster files, transparent pngs, and most eps and PDFs), text, QR codes, data matrix, barcodes, and braille.

    Created as an all-in-one solution for design, print, print-and-cut, and direct-to-vinyl production workflow, Flexi 21 also includes a host of advanced features including:

    • Jig templates – Allows users to design and save jig templates that will precisely match the jig on the printer bed for printing on multiple parts, such as phone cases.
    • Enhanced printing while RIPping – Users no longer have to wait for the print job to finishing ripping to start printing, this allows for faster processing time.
    • Custom cut line names and colours – Users can now define their own, custom, cut line spot colours and give the custom names, simplifying the cutting process.
    • Adobe Illustrator® layer support – Multi-layer Illustrator or PDF files can be split into multiple jobs which then can be processed as spot colors like white and varnish.
    • Custom inkset – Inkset channels and profiles can be customized to different colour modes, if your printer supports custom ink.
    • G7 Certification – Recognizes gray balance and generates linearization that is compliant with G7 colour standards.

    About SAi

    SAi Flexi is the industry leader for creating a variety of applications such as vehicle wraps, banners, signs, soft signage and much more. With a low monthly operating cost, a SAi Flexi subscription includes free software upgrades, e-mail, and phone support and all the design and production features SAi Flexi has always been known for. 

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  3. Decals for social distancing: Our tips on easy implementation

    Decals for social distancing: Our tips on easy implementation

    Do you want to remind customers or employees to keep a safe distance? Then decals are a perfect medium to communicate this message. They are ideal both for indoor and outdoor use, for short- and long-term applications. They are also suited for many other ways to inform about guidelines or to mark off zones: good examples are applying stickers on chairs in waiting rooms, shop windows and on mirrors. Are you not sure how to use stickers for social distancing? In this blog, we'll show you a few examples how you can use decals to inform your customers, employees or visitors to make them aware of a safe distance.

    1. One-way systems with arrows

    Many locations want to alert visitors that there is (temporarily) one-way traffic. Examples include the doctor's office, hospitals or vaccination sites. A logical spot to apply these arrows is on the floor, so people can easily see which way they need to go.

    2. Advantages of round decals for public areas

    Round decals have a great advantage: The edges are less likely to curl and get damaged than those of stickers with sharp corners. This makes them a great choice for high-traffic areas such as restrooms, hallways, entryways or cash registers. Since these are areas where many people walk, the floor stickers should also have an anti-slip surface – which is often mandatory.

    Solvoprint dot print 'n' walk R10 is a suitable choice for these types of applications. Thanks to the special honeycomb structure, the film has an R10 anti-slip surface after printing with latex and (eco) solvent inks (and an R9 anti-slip surface when using UV inks). The great thing about this 2-in-1 floor graphics film is that it is immediately ready for indoor use after printing, which saves a lot of time and money if you need to apply many decals.

    The decals are very easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residue (on most common smooth surfaces).

    3. Marking off chairs with stickers in waiting rooms

    Sitting next to each other in a public space - something that used to be the most normal thing in the world - is now unwise. That's why it makes sense to mark off chairs in public waiting rooms, so that people leave one chair empty. This is useful at the doctor's, in hospitals and anywhere where people are seated in waiting areas.

    Our advice: for smooth surfaces, choose a sticker with a dot adhesive that is easy to apply without bubbles and also easier to remove. For fabric surfaces, decals with a strong adhesive are best. Keep in mind that chairs in waiting rooms can be made of different materials, and not every sticker material is suitable for every type of surface. Always seek the manufacturer's advice beforehand and test with a small sample.

    4. Rectangles for guidelines in entrances

    You can, of course, hang a sign at the entrance to a store or other public area to alert visitors to adhere to the rules, but there is a risk they will be overlooked. A more logical place to do this is on the ground, as people tend to look down while walking.

    Chances are you are dealing with a "difficult surface" at an entrance, such as concrete or carpet.Fortunately, this makes no difference for UVprint 'n' walk power-tack because this textured PVC film has a high-tack adhesive. The high adhesive strength makes this 2-in-1 floor sticker suitable for applications on surfaces that are difficult to stick to, such as carpet, concrete or wood. This all-rounder for short-term use is suitable for use with latex and UV inks. When using UV inks, the floor sticker is R9-certified. When applied outdoors in dry conditions (e.g. under a roof) the decal will last for up to 3 months.

    5. Communicate announcements & policies with window stickers

    Store windows are a great place to communicate announcements and policies regarding social distancing guidelines. With window stickers, you can quickly inform customers of changed store hours and current policies. On or behind glass, these stickers easily stand out. Thanks to the dot adhesive, easy dot stickers can be easily and quickly applied and removed without bubbles, even by non-professionals. An ideal material for temporary applications.

    Window-grip is more suitable for long-term applications, where the sticker needs to be repositioned several times. This film is available in white and transparent and has reliable adhesion thanks to a unique coating.

    Social distancing decals – leaving no area unused

    With this selection of different films, there is always an option that will work for your specific purpose. Are you unsure which film to use for your application? Then it's a good idea to request samples so you can see them up close and try them out. Contact our sales department to request samples without any obligation!

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  4. Colortrac releases new scanner and software portfolio

    Colortrac releases new scanner and software portfolio

    Colortrac today have released a new range of high performance roll fed scanners improving on their already critically acclaimed scanner portfolio. The new Colortrac SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi Scanner portfolio along with a completely redesigned SmartWorks Imaging software will be available to purchase from March 2021.

    The sleek new design of the SmartLF SGi and SmartLF SCi scanner series are ideal for capturing, enhancing, sharing, and copying information from large format documents of all types, such as hand-drawn originals, old plans, marked-up construction drawings, textured artwork, thick media, and more.

    “Since 1989, Colortrac has delivered value that our customers count on, and we know they will be pleased with the new scanner series and software,” comments Jacob Bendix, chief commercial officer, Colortrac. “The new functionality, including the ability to drive the scanner from a tablet, brings the full power of large format scanning right into the hands of our customers.”

    The Colortrac SmartLF SGi and SmartLF SCi large format scanners deliver fast performance, with optimized preset controls and an extended list of internal printer drivers to connect directly to large format printers. SmartWorks Imaging, the newest member of the SmartWorks software family, is a fresh implementation of the scan-once workflow that is easier to navigate than its predecessor, SmartWorks Pro.

    Intuitive scanning software with remote scanning

    Colortrac’s new SmartWorks Imaging scanning software offers a host of new features including a new multipage thumbnail pop-out view, extended PDF for longer and wider documents, and higher dpi. With a new interface, the scanning software also boasts a number of new capabilities such as closed-loop printer colour calibration, quick-fix image correction tools, and a full edit history for one-click easy undo. SmartWorks Imaging is also dongle-free and includes new drivers for HP and Epson printers.

    SmartWorks Imaging users can download the free SmartWorks Imaging Link, an app that lets users operate the scanners by remote control from a tablet (tablet not included).  SmartWorks Imaging Link puts the full power of the PC-based SmartWorks into the hands of a tablet user.

    Scanning value customers count on

    The SmartLF SGi scanners are suitable for any type of document, including technical drawings, maps, artwork, and photographs. With the CCD technology and greater focal length, it can even handle originals with texture, and media up to 15 mm thick. The scanner series delivers realistic colour and superb accuracy (up to 1200 optical dpi). Available in 36 and 44 inch widths, the scanners are designed to work at high speed while requiring little maintenance.

    The SmartLF SCi scanners are ideal for engineering drawings, construction plans, maps, and line drawings. The scanners feature Colortrac’s innovative ClearView technology, a line of up to 144 LEDs to guarantee maximum scanning accuracy. A SUREDRIVE powered soft roller provides even pressure across the original, while the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface ensures fast, efficient data transfer. The SmartLF SCi scanners are available in 25, 36 and 42 inch widths.

    Both the SmartLF SGi and the SmartLF SCi come in a sleek black/dark gray colour, with matching optional floor stand, repro stand, and PC mounting kit.

    SmartLF SGi and SmartLF SCi series replace the SmartLF SG and the SmartLF SC Xpress scanners, respectively.

    Green counts

    Colortrac strives to reduce its environmental footprint. To that end, the company uses recyclable plastic as a raw material wherever possible. Additionally, the company reorganized its factory production to save energy on lighting and air conditioning, and embraced a robust common parts, waste, and stock-reduction regime. Colortrac also improved its sea and rail shipping logistics to eliminate air freighting and consolidates its shipments to reduce wooden pallet use.

    About Colortrac

    Founded in 1989, Colortrac started by developing large format scanning solutions and quickly earned a reputation for value that led to the company winning the coveted Queen’s Awards for enterprise and export. Today, Colortrac serves the entire large format document scanning market with a portfolio of no-nonsense scanning solutions. Colortrac has more than 80 distributors in over 90 countries and is also an OEM supplier. The company is dedicated to making scanners that get the job done to high standards at a competitive price.

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  5. A new way to experience industry-leading Onyx Software

    A new way to experience industry-leading Onyx Software

    Onyx Graphics inc., today announced the introduction of Onyx Go, a new subscription RIP solution that adds to the expansive Onyx portfolio of wide format digital inkjet software solutions.  Onyx Go launches on the heels of Onyx 21, the company's new version release, and is designed for Print Service Providers who require the latest technology to meet customer needs.  Onyx Go is immediately available and offered in two product tiers.   Onyx Go Lite and Onyx Go Plus includes enhanced colour management and production tools including ICC profiling to fine-tune profile output accuracy; Swatch Books 2.0 fo colour matching; finishing tools such as Beeld and Grommets to save valuable production time; Media Manager and more to help meet the daily challenges faced by today's print shops.

    "Onyx Go brings another product option to our worldwide customer base to help them meet the evolving needs of the wide format graphics market", said Kevin Murphy, President and CEO of Onyx Graphics.  "It incorporates the features and functionality Onyx users come to expect for ourstanding output quality, neatly packaged in a worry-free, affordable monthly subscription."

    Available with soft-key activation providing near-instant access, Onyx Go is a month-to-month, no-contract, full featured Onyx RIP solution with up to four Adobe PDF Print Engines (APPE); Job Editor to edit files before printing, unlimited roll-to-roll cutter support for complete print and cut workflows, and supports up to two printers.

    Highlights of Onyx Go products include:

    • ICC profiling and media manager
    • Up to four Adobe PDF print engines
    • Support for up to two printers
    • Unlimited roll-to-roll cutter support
    • Automated print-and-cut workflows
    • Automatic media savings for nested jobs
    • Job Editor for file editing and job preparation
    • Quick Sets 2.0 and Hot Folders for automation
    • Swatch Books 2.0 for colour matching
    • Speciality ink support for white ink
    • Bleed and Grommet finishing tools


    Onyx Go is available now as a monthly subscription through PSW Paper & Print Limited.  Onyx Go is open to existing Onyx users and other customers through a licence subscription.

    About Onyx Graphics Inc.

    Leading the market since 1989, Onyx Graphics is dedicated to helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quality. It's passion for delivering superb colour led to the development of ONYX Color, Onyx Graphics' own colour engine optimised for large format inkjet printing. Innovative, productive and satisfied customers around the globe help motivate the company to continually develop and enhance its leading-edge technologies. Global channel partnerships and longstanding relationships with printer manufacturers position Onyx Graphics as a market leader in powerful, reliable, large format printing workflow software.

    Adobe and Adobe PDF are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. ONYX and ONYX PosterShop are registered trademarks, and ONYX Thrive, ONYX RIPCenter are trademarks, of ONYX Graphics, Inc. All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks and are the property of their owners and are respectfully acknowledged.

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  6. Hahnemühle announce second award for their Digital FineArt Natural Line

    Hahnemühle announce second award for their Digital FineArt Natural Line

    Photography News Magazine (UK) readers have nominated the Hahnemühle Natural Line Range Best Inkjet Media: Fine Art Finish Award for 2020. This is the second award for the recently launched range, following on from the TIPA World Award in the category “ Best Inkjet Photo Paper “as voted by the editors and publishers of 30 photo and imaging magazines in 2020.

    “We are delighted to have been awarded Best Inkjet Media: Fine Art Finish by the Photography News readers. Hahnemühle has led the market in FineArt Inkjet paper for the past 20 years, developing innovative products as we move with market trends that reflect the needs of fine artists, photographers, printmakers and illustrators. The Hahnemühle Natural Line brings us to a new market first, using highly renewable fibers – bamboo, hemp and agave – while maintaining high performance and longevity. In recent years, we’ve seen professional artists and photographers become increasingly concerned about the environment and look for ways to reduce their impact. Our new environmental choices of fine art media are one way of reducing environmental impact while retaining the sensation of the printed image ”comments Simon Waller, Hahnemühle UK General Manager.

    Made from bamboo, hemp and agave and 100% cotton rag fibers, the Hahnemühle Natural Line is produced in an end-to-end sustainable manner setting environmental standards that Hahnemühle exemplifies with its Green Rooster Initiative.

    Since 2008, Hahnemühle have been supporting both regional and international environmental protection projects through their ‘ Green Rooster’ initiative, including reforestation, animal protection and environmental education programs. These projects are very important to the brand, a share of the profits from the Natural Line has directly contributed to environmental and climate protection. To date, more than EUR 220,000 has been donated to various environmental initiatives. Furthermore, Hahnemühle pledge to continue donating 5% of the profits from their ‘green’ paper ranges.

    For artists and photographers wishing to discover the range for themselves and which surface suits their work, a trial pack is available, including two sheets of bamboo, two sheets of hemp and two sheets of agave. With its Natural Line, Hahnemühle inspires exquisite printing finishes for environmentally conscious photographers and artists.

    About Hahnemühle

    Hahnemühle is regarded as the inventor of Digital FineArt paper for inkjet printers. For more than 20 years, the oldest German paper manufacturer has been leading the way in producing true artist papers for photography and art reproductions. The papers – made with over 435 years of manufacturing experience – all receive a special coating that does not affect the exquisite feel of the papers. The inkjet coating produces prints with razor sharp details, bold colours and deep blacks. All papers have an excellent resistance to ageing. The Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection offers more than 20 different types of paper, and the Hahnemühle Photo range includes eight types of media. Awarded ‘Brand of the Century’, Hahnemühle enjoys an esteemed reputation worldwide among artists, photographers, museums, galleries and collectors.

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  7. Delivering unprecedented levels of versatility and sustainability in printing

    Delivering unprecedented levels of versatility and sustainability in printing

    HP Inc. has introduced a range of new Latex large format print solutions to help print service providers diversify their offerings and meet more challenging customer needs. After a year of business disruption across the large format industry, the HP Latex 700 and 800 series brings a suite of features that enable PSPs to be more agile, tackle ambitious projects and take on the highest value work. The new portfolio also delivers fast workflows that help businesses hit deadlines, while sharpening their sustainability edge.

    HP Latex 700W Series Printer

    HP Latex 700 / 800 Series Printers

    The new HP Latex range consists of four devices – the HP Latex 700 and 800, and the HP Latex 700W and 800W which offer white ink capability for the first time in this category. It is the whitest white ink available on the market that does not yellow over time, enabling print businesses to produce neater outlines and add more contrast to darker spots.

    Meanwhile, updated printheads possessing more nozzles and producing speeds of up to 36 m2/hr (388 ft2/hr) allow the HP Latex 800 and 800W to offer 50% higher productivity levels compared to previous HP models. Print jobs executed on the new 700/800 Series will deliver with vivid colours and finer image and text details, even at faster print speeds. Operationally, HP PrintOS also enables PSPs to monitor and control their print fleet using a cloud-based interface they can use virtually anywhere, anytime.

    Recent HP research reveals that 85% of PSP customers now demand sustainable products and practices. To meet this requirement, the new Latex products continue to build on HP’s long-lasting commitment to sustainable printing. All four devices in the HP Latex 700 and 800 series use the HP Eco Carton – a cartridge made with cardboard material, reducing the amount of plastic used by 80%. HP’s water-based inks are also kinder to the environment.

    HP Latex 335 Print and Cut Plus Solution

    Improved HP Latex Print and Cut Plus

    In related news, HP has also introduced an updated Latex Print and Cut portfolio that is fully compatible with the Latex 700 and 800 Series. Equipped with the latest Raster Image Processor (RIP) software and completely new contour cutters, the devices allow for improved usability - making jobs easier and more intuitive than ever for signage and decorative printed applications.

    The HP Latex Print and Cut Plus Portfolio includes the following products:

    • HP Latex 335 Print and Cut Plus Solution
    • HP Latex 315 Print and Cut Plus Solution
    • HP Latex 115 Print and Cut Plus Solution
    • HP Latex 64 Plus Cutting Solution
    • HP Latex 54 Plus Cutting Solution
    • HP Latex 54 Basic Plus Cutting Solution

    Updated features include optimized cutting accuracy through the enhanced Optical Position System (OPOS) configurations. As part of this improvement, the HP cutter reads the black inner lines along the job and carries out additional measurements, further aided by new HP barcodes located on the printed sheets to identify jobs. Cutting on the new Latex 64 and 54 Plus Cutting Solutions is enhanced by a higher cutter downforce of up to 600 grams.  This provides the necessary pressure to deliver accurate cutting performance even on thicker media.

    The user experience on the colour touchscreen interface is highly responsive and includes an improved menu, making the entire solution simple to work with. The media basket also features a refined design and now has a smaller footprint when folded, enabling businesses to make better use of space.

    HP PageWide XL 5200 MFP

    Revamped HP PageWide XL 

    Completing the announcements from HP are the new additions to the HP PageWide XL suite of large format print solutions. Aimed at enterprise and mid-market companies, as well as print reprohouses serving the architecture, engineering and construction industries, the new HP PageWide XL devices provide fast, simple, and secure solutions.

    The new range includes the following printers:

    • PageWide XL 3920 MFP
    • PageWide XL 4200 Printer and MFP
    • PageWide XL 4700 Printer and MFP
    • PageWide XL 5200 Printer and MFP
    • PageWide XL 8200 Printer

    The new HP PageWide XL printers deliver on the productivity needs of users while offering an improved experience. With the 4200, 4700 and 5200 models boasting a larger front panel - increased to 15.6 inches (from 8 inches) - it is easier for users to preview real-time scans and undertake more complex printing tasks. Additionally, for the first time, users can carry out post-editing tasks, including crop, contrast, brightness, and rotation directly from the panel.

    For IT managers and CAD designers at enterprise and mid-market businesses, security is a major priority. The new PageWide XL solutions respond to this with new features to protect businesses in an increasingly connected world; including HP SecureBoot, Whitelisting and HP Connection Inspector - making the new PageWide XL range the world’s most secure large format printers.


    The HP Latex 700 and 800 Series, the updated HP Latex Cut and Print Plus Solution, as well as the new additions to the PageWide XL portfolio, are expected to be available from all major markets starting Early February.

    About HP Inc.

    HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions, we engineer experiences that amaze. More information about HP Inc. is available at

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  8. Summa releases new roll cutter product line, the S One Series

    Summa releases new roll cutter product line, the S One Series

    In the sign & digital industry and beyond Summa is known to be one of the forerunners when it comes to roll cutting technology.  To date, the company has provided many sign-making companies infinate and reliable cutting solutions with its roll cutter series.  But standing still is not an option and product development and innovation are highly regarded purposes for Summa.

    Therefore, Summa is proud to announce a brand new roll cutter product line which is called S One.  The S One Series is the next step in Summa's mid-level roll cutting machines and replaces the former SummaCut roll cutter series.  To optimise quality ergonomics as well as efficiency, the S One Series is built completely from the base, using the experience and knowhow acquired over years of developing roll cutters.  The name S One refers to the core idea behind its development:

    The One to change the game.Summa S One Series Vinyl Cutter

    Increase productivity, quality and capabilities

    The S One series not only showcases a new, sleeker and more modern look.  It also embodies add-ons and enhanced features for better quality, improved ergonomics and higher productivity.  The improvements and additions include:-

    • User-friendly GoSign software to manage cutting workflows with great flexibility
    • Efficiently drag cutting head, allowing up to 600 grams of cutting force
    • Ergonomic touchscreen, allowing for effortless navigation
    • Robust OPOS sensor, increasing the speed at which registration marks are read
    • Improved internal intelligence, minimising human errors and operator intervention
    • Excellent tracking performance for ultimate accuracy
    • OPOS Xtra functionality for flawless processing of very small sticker jobs
    • Smart FlexCut feature, enabling to perforate material to remove the deisgn out of its carrier easily

    Future-proof cutting solution

    The products developed by Summa stand out for reliability, longevity and versatility.  Faithful to this tradition and conviction, also the new S One product line is built according to strict requirements, specific to Summa products.  The S One series is, therefore, designed with premium up-to-date components for long durability.  Moreover, its combination of innovative features makes the S One roll cutter a flexible and future-proof unit, able to grow along with the customer's business aspirations and goals.

    Christof Van Driessche, Chief Commercial Officer, Summa adds: "With the experience and dedication on board, Summa continues to show true leadership as a supplier of high-end cutting solutions.  The introduction of the S One roll cutter series is yet another milestone in Summa's large history of legendary performance.  The S One Series will unquestionably bring added value and innovation to many sign makers' cutting workflows.

    About Summa

    Every day, for over three decades, Summa delivers the world's highest-quality vinyl and contour cutters, finishing flatbeds and laser cutters without compromise.  Summa provides cutting edge solutions for the printing, signage, display, apparel and packaging industries.  Summa's global headquarters is located in Gistel, Belgium.

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  9. Discover 4 useful tips for the application of social distancing decals

    Discover 4 useful tips for the application of social distancing decals

    As so often with a new message you want to convey to visitors, it should not take too much time and or cost too much money. If it's a very important message, for example about social distancing rules, then a speedy completion is even more important. Fortunately, floor stickers offer a helping hand because they are easy, inexpensive and quick to apply. In this blog, we explain how you can use floor stickers to communicate social distancing rules quickly and easily, and provide some practical (application) tips. In any case, by reading this blog you have already completed your research.

    Tip 1: Choose floor graphic media that already has a bright colour

    For social distancing guidelines, you will need to create a line or markings, behind which visitors should wait. It makes sense to use a bright color so that it is easily noticeable. Solvoprint's dot print 'n' walk R10 film is ideal for this application, as it's available in white, eye-catching yellow and red, and also in convenient adhesive tape form for easy application of your markings. This film does not need to be printed, but can be cut to contour shape for easy, bubble-free application. Solvoprint dot print 'n' walk R10 is also highly slip-resistant; thanks to its special honeycomb structure, the film has an R10 anti-slip surface after printing with latex and (eco) solvent inks (an R9 anti-slip surface applies when using UV inks). Do you want to remove the film after some time? That's easy too, without leaving any adhesive residue (on most common smooth surfaces).

    Tip 2: Use materials that already have a slip resistance without laminating/strong>

    In addition to the already mentioned solvoprint dot print 'n'walk R10, there are fortunately other floor stickers that already have good slip resistance and therefore do not need to be laminated. This saves a lot of time! UV print 'n' walk power-tack, a floor sticker that is ideal for difficult surfaces such as concrete, carpet and textiles. This highly adhesive floor sticker is R9-certified when using UV inks and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in dry conditions. However, UV dot print 'n' walk or FILMOfloor Rug 'n' Wall also have good slip resistance. The latter is a film with a textured PVC coating that does not require an additional laminate, as it is already certified for R12 slip resistance.

    Tip 3: Create simple but eye-catching designs for your floor stickers

    Designing your stickers doesn't have to be difficult. The most important thing is that your message stands out and continues to do so. That's why you should keep the message short and concise. Make sure people know at a glance where they should stand, what they should or shouldn't do, and what else is important.

    Here are some tips on what messages can be printed on the stickers

    • A reminder to keep the minimum distance
    • A warning not to enter if you have symptoms
    • A reminder to follow one-way streets or other directions
    • To adhere to the occupancy/person limit of a space
    • Approved means of payment (and not accepting cash, if applicable)
    • The local face protection policy
    • Notice of where to clean hands and/or baskets and shopping carts
    • Adjusted hours of operation/special visiting hours for at-risk groups. 

    In addition, it is important to make the message on the sticker clear by using a font that is easily visible from a distance. The round circle sticker is a favorite. This is mainly because the sticker is less likely to curl, but also because of the design possibilities of this sticker. Do you want to indicate where people can sit or not? Design a simple red or green circle sticker with a check mark or cross.

    Remember to use highly visible colors, preferably those that contrast well with each other. Do you want to display a waiting area? Create a design with two shoe prints. It's immediately clear where customers or visitors need to stand! Be sure to change the color or design over time. This keeps visitors aware and ensures your message stands out. For example, do you want to mark a safety zone in a workplace, but the traditional yellow/black line isn't enough to catch the eye? Then choose colored circles with a small diameter to indicate the safety distance from the employee.

    One last tip: use the stickers at contact points where many people pass by (entrance, cash register, restrooms, etc.), but don't overdo it! If you use too many different places, there is a risk that the stickers will no longer stand out and people will unconsciously see them as "background noise"

    Tip 4: A correct application also means faster and longer-lasting results

    If you don't have much time, you might rush the application process and get undesirable results. Worst case scenario, you might even have to do it all over again. So make sure, you apply your floor decals in the best way possible with these tips:

    • If you notice oily contaminants on the surface, use alcohol or a mild solvent as a pre-cleaner. Make sure the contaminants are completely removed before proceeding with cleaning. 
    • Use a mild surfactant-based cleaner. This should be free of enzymes. Make sure that the entire surface is cleaned and that the cleaner does not leave any residue.
    • The size of the cleaned area must be at least 20 cm larger in all directions than the planned area application area.
    • Make sure that the floor is dry and clean and use lint-free cloths for drying.
    • Are you ready for application? Remove some of the release paper and apply the adhesive side to the substrate. Then remove the release liner evenly. Avoid placing the edges of the decal over notches or crevices such as joints. Use a squeegee or hand roller to press the decal from the center toward the edges. Watch for air bubbles and make sure the entire decal has contact with the surface.
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  10. Styling 2021 interior design trends with furniture films

    Styling 2021 interior design trends with furniture films

    A new year means new interior design trends. In this blog, we will show you the top trends of 2021 and how to implement the different styles with self-adhesive furniture films. With easySTYLE self-adhesive films you can easily redesign any interior like stores, exhibition booths or private living spaces. With the interior design film you can create a new look in no time – a sustainable solution to implement new interior trends.

    Trend 1: Light wood

    Last year, we already saw a lot of light wood, especially in Scandinavian-style interiors. In 2021, we will also see light wood in industrial-design-themed spaces and more luxurious interiors. If you want to follow the trend, opt for light-coloured wood like Acacia wood, bamboo, light oak or light MDF. This trend is perfect not only for floors and wall accents but also for furniture. Do you want to change the decor at the POS or do you have furniture that is still in good condition but out of date? With easySTYLE scratch-resistant interior design films – available in 15 different designs – you can easily transform existing furniture. This film is suitable for applications on almost all smooth surfaces such as plywood and MDF boards, solid wood, plastics, metal and painted surfaces.

    Walls or cabinets and sideboards look great with the easySTYLE designs Ashton, Sonoma Oak or Rovere Gessato. Complete the look by adding an industrial vibe with black steel elements. Ideal for private living spaces, stores or trade show construction. Are you crazy about the Scandinavian style? Combine light woods with white accents such as marble. For this style, you can use easySTYLE White Super Matt and create beautiful combinations.

    Neschen easySTYLE AshtonAshton Neschen easySTYLE Sonoma OakSonoma Oak Neschen easySTYLE Rovere GessatoRovere Gessato
    Neschen easySTYLE White Super Matt
    White Super Matt
    Neschen easySTYLE WhiteboardWhiteboard Neschen easySTYLE White High GlossWhite High Gloss

    Trend 2: Gray as a basic colour for interior design

    Gray is back and we will see a lot of it in 2021. It is perfect as a wall colour instead of using standard white. Walls look more luxurious in a soft shade of gray, and a beautiful painting will stand out better. If you are not convinced yet, incorporate gray on cabinets or sideboards only. Concrete imitations are a nice way to add a gray look to an interior. Concrete is also ideal, if you want to give a rustic look to private living spaces, a retail store, a trade show booth or restaurant in an easy and budget-friendly way. With the perfect concrete imitation of easySTYLE Meton Concrete, a concrete look does not require a costly renovation. Or opt for a gray marble look with easySTYLE Caspio or easySTYLE Haitabu. easySTYLE is also a good choice in terms of sustainability. In addition to the reusability of existing furniture, the material has a certified chemical resistance (DIN68861), is PVC-free and is based on paper.

    Neschen easySTYLE Meton ConcreteMeton Concrete Neschen easySTYLE CasipoCasipo Neschen easySTYLE HaitabuHaitabu

    Trend 3: The Mid-Century Modern Style

    Do you want to decorate a restaurant, your private living room or a store interior in a cool Mid-Century Modern style and are you looking for inspiration? Just turn on the famous TV show Mad Men. The decor and clothes perfectly portray the Mid-Century style. Think dark wood, lots of light, combined with touches of gold, copper or brass and modern details. A hit back then, this style is now coming back. This year, we will see more and more of the characteristic elements of the 60s style. These include kitchens in dark wood, like dark oak or walnut, and cabinets with rounded finishes instead of corners. Oval and round kitchen tables are also on the rise. With easySTYLE Catanio Oak, with its warm, dark wood design, you can transform smooth and flat surfaces in the kitchen quickly and easily.

    And do not forget about the combination with gold or copper. By adding easySTYLE Meton Gold or Meton Copper, you can create great accents.

    Neschen easySTYLE Catania OakCatania Oak Neschen easySTYLE Meton GoldMeton Gold Neschen easySTYLE Meton CopperMeton Copper

    Trend 4: Simple, black interiors with striking details

    Not entirely new, but still a trend: black and minimalistic designs. We have seen this many times in the past years. This year, the minimalist look is combined with dark woods and other dark colours, such as black oak or dark walnut. The easySTYLE Anthracite Super Matt design fits perfectly into this style with its anthracite matte colour.

    With easySTYLE self-adhesive films, you can quickly achieve a high-quality black matte style, which is great for stores and exhibition stands that need frequent and easy renovation. If black is too dark for you, opt for easySTYLE Kiruna with its dark gray design. For a stylish finish, create combinations with eye-catching accents that stand out. 

    Neschen easySTYLE Anthracite Super MattAnthracite Super Matt Neschen easySTYLE KirunaKiruna

    What trends will you be working with?

    Interior trends are ever-changing. So in case you want to redecorate again in the future, you can easily remove easySTYLE interior films without leaving any adhesive residue. Do you already have an idea of how you want to implement the new interior design trends? Or would you prefer to take a closer look at the easySTYLE designs first? Feel free to contact us to request a sample, before you get started with the beautiful interior trends of 2021.

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