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From the outset PSW Paper & Print has taken great care to understand our business needs in the fast moving world of large format print. Honest, expert advice and top notch support has resulted in our 10 year relationship.
David Wilson - Business Owner
We quickly established that PSW were specialists. The installation of our large format scanner went like a dream and it was clear that we were working with experts who new exactly what they were talking about.
John Robertson - Business Owner
We work with PSW when investing in new kit as we trust and like working with them. They understand our business and we have been delighted with all aspects of the service, training and installation they have provided.
Sarah Pittman - Business Owner

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4 Oct, 2018

Following high demand from the market, Innova are pleased to announce the European launch of Photo Art by Pictorico

For many years, photographers in Europe have striven to keep the magic of darkroom printing alive. Using photographs taken on a digital camera, they found the perfect partner for printing digital inkjet negatives to expose in the darkroom: Pictorico film. To ensure that photographers can always get their hands on their favourite inkjet film, Innova Art has partnered with Pictorico to launch the Innova Photo Art by Pictorico co-branded product range.

“The partnership between Innova and Pictorico is a perfect match,” says Innova Art Sales Manager, James Cannone. “The Pictorico brand is built on a philosophy of creating high quality output media for a broad range of inkjet printers, so that every photographer can produce great quality prints. Something we are also passionate about at Innova. We are excited to be able to build a long term relationship on these shared values, and, we know that photographers throughout Europe will benefit from it.”

Photo Art by Pictorico launches in early 2019 with two products:

Pictorico Pro OHP Transparency Film 174gsm (IPF 120), available in A4 and A3+, 20 sheet packs as well as 17”, 24”, 36”, 42” and 59” wide rolls in 20m lengths. This translucent film is compatible with all inkjet printers. Suitable for printing digital negatives for use with traditional photographic processes, or producing high density negatives for silk screen exposure. Pictorico Pro OHP Transparency Film 174gsm (IPF 120) can also be used to create eye catching backlit displays.

Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film 184gsm (IPF 121), available in A4 and A3+, 20 sheet packs as well as 13”, 17” and 24” wide rolls in 20m lengths. Compatible with all inkjet printers this translucent film has a higher ink load capacity than its sister product. This makes the Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film 184gsm (IPF 121) a great option for producing digital negatives where ultra dense blacks are required.

Photo Art by Pictorico will be available to purchase from European Innova resellers in the first quarter of 2019. 

About Innova

More than paper

In addition to an award-winning range of digital inkjet media, Innova also offers innovative display solutions, custom converting solutions and is consistently at the forefront of development for new and exciting digital print media. While traditional manufacturers focus on tweaking the same types of products they have had for years, Innova is forward looking and strives to listen to today's marketplace and deliver innovative solutions for digital inkjet printing and display applications.

Excellence through innovation

Established just as the 21st century started, Innova is not bound by century old thinking and paradigms. We use modern flexible approaches to this dynamic industry, with an emphasis on innovation bounded by a desire to deliver quality products and value to our distribution partners as well as the end consumer. Don't let the relatively young age of the company fool you. Innova's management team includes pioneers of the industry who have been creating new digital papers since the beginning of the inkjet revolution in the 1980's. Our right-sized structure allows us to be nimble enough to react to changing market needs while also assuring our partners a close-knit relationship with our leadership team.

Our partnership approach to global manufacturing and distribution allows us to leverage the strengths of our own resources with those of others. This synergy not only results in enhanced product designs and improved time to market but also localised packaging, converting and warehousing to easily react to regional supply requirements.

A 21st century company with 21st century solutions

We are also 100% committed to the world around us and strive to maintain a relationship with ethical supply chains. For more information about our environmental commitment and the archival standards of Innova papers please visit our website at www.innovaart.com

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27 Sep, 2018

Onyx Graphics, Inc., the market leader in powerful and reliable wide-format and grand-format RIP and print workflow software, is committed to aiding customer success by providing 24/7 resources for customers around the globe. With ongoing technological advancements, Onyx Graphics provides an extensive portfolio of resources that are designed to accommodate its worldwide customers anywhere, anytime.

With an immense global network and countless end users, Onyx Graphics continues to create new and viable resources with frequent content updates, across the entire ONYX portfolio of resources. They include myonyx, an online gateway containing smart business tools, product help, video tutorials, knowledge-based articles, and white papers to help keep ONYX users’ businesses running smoothly;ONYX TVthe official ONYX YouTube channel with quick tips, how-to videos and ONYX news; ONYX Professional Services and Trainingweb-based and hands-on ONYX certification workshops to further customer knowledge on ONYX software; and ONYX Advantagethe company’s subscription-based support and maintenance program with easy access to online help and a dedicated technical support hotline service center. Customers can access these web-based resources to stay up-to-date with the latest news from Onyx Graphics including announcements on product updates and all available learning opportunities.

myonyx:  Online resources keep businesses running smoothly

With myonyx, Onyx Graphics continues to strengthen the communication between the company and its customers by providing ONYX users with a wide range of tools necessary to make smart business decisions. As an all-encompassing online portal, myonyx provides end users with round-the-clock access to product downloads, product help, product updates, user guides, white papers, knowledge base papers and tutorials on-demand, to help keep their business running smoothly while they focus on running day-to-day operations. ONYX users can access the myonyx portal using their own personal credentials located at www.onyxgfx.com/login/.

ONYX TV:  Knowledge-sharing videos anywhere, anytime

ONYX TV is the official video headquarters for ONYX award-winning RIP and workflow software. Industry experts will guide users through free instructional videos featuring in-depth information across the entire ONYX product portfolio – including videos for the new ONYX 18 software – such as how to meet customer brand colour needssetting baselines for process control, knowing when to calibrate printers before printing, and match standards such as G7 and Fogra. In addition, users have complete access to the entire set of ONYX product portfolio playlists. By subscribing to ONYX TV, users gain immediate access to the latest Onyx Graphics news through notifications, alerting the subscriber of new content. An ONYX TV subscription is available through www.youtube.com/OnyxGraphics.

ONYX Professional Services and Training maximise investment

ONYX Professional Services and Training programs give users the knowledge they need to save both time and money through a collection of renowned workshops. Taught by ONYX industry experts, customers can choose web-based or hands-on workshop certification training on ONYX 18 software. Each session provides an in-depth working knowledge of ONYX software that gives customers a competitive advantage by learning how to maximise investment. In addition to the ONYX Certified Technician and ONYX Certified Operator workshops, the release of ONYX 18 software has launched two new workshops in colour management and profiling. Customers interested in obtaining more information on how to enroll in certified operator, technician, or colour management training can inquire through PSW or by visiting www.onyxgfx.com/support/training.

ONYX Advantage keeps RIP and workflow software current, offers access to ColorCheck

The ONYX Advantage program is a cost-effective way to keep RIP and print workflow software current. It provides an easy way to get all the latest features to avoid any last-minute need to update, setting a project back. Users receive instant access to ONYX software upgrades, versions, and releases as well as the hundreds of new and existing drivers for printers, cutters and colour devices. With the purchase of ONYX Advantage, contract holders can have peace of mind knowing that their investment is secure with access to an expansive library of on-demand videos covering product training and application support.

Highlights of ONYX Advantage include:

  • Access to global technical support team
  • Access to customer support telephone hotline
  • ONYX support online access with myonyx
  • Access to new version releases
  • Free hardware key replacement
  • Special access to product whitepapers

With an ONYX Advantage Gold subscription, users gain exclusive access to new product features and product functionalities including ONYX Hub business intelligence software and the new ColorCheck feature when using ONYX Thrive software. More information on the benefits of obtaining an ONYX Advantage subscription can be found at www.onyxgfx.com/support/onyx-advantage-2

About Onyx Graphics, Inc.

Leading the market since 1989, Onyx Graphics is dedicated to helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quality. Its passion for delivering superb colour led to the development of ONYX Color, Onyx Graphics’ own colour engine optimised specifically for large format inkjet printing. Innovative, productive, and satisfied customers around the globe help motivate the company to continually develop and enhance its leading-edge technologies. Global channel partnerships and longstanding relationships with printer manufacturers position Onyx Graphics as a market leader in powerful, reliable, large format printing workflow software.

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7 Sep, 2018

The FineArt industry will see a new paper that elevates FineArt printing to a new level. As the inventor and pioneer of genuine artist papers for inkjet printing, Hahnemühle fulfils the wish of many photographers to include a FineArt paper made of 100% cotton in the Digital FineArt Collection – this time with a metallic effect. The evenly shimmering metallic effect corresponds perfectly to the haptic of a real artists’ paper from the benchmarking Photo Rag®-family and makes Photo Rag® Metallic unique on the market.

The premium inkjet coating ensures bright colours, deep blacks and perfect colour and detail reproduction. The sophisticated silver metallic effect underscores the image and makes motifs with metallic elements, reflections, ice and glass, architecture and landscape shots, as well as black and white photographs with high-contrast tones, shine. Depending on the incidence of light, the metallic effect glimmers stronger and gives the printed motifs a unique liveliness.

Photographer Kitfox Valentín is delighted by the new Photo Rag® Metallic: “In my pictures, I dive deep into the world of finest details to accentuate and illuminate my compositions. With my picture of the series ‘Beatific / Caustic’, I attach great importance to the fact that the print exudes the iridescent mica or the rich shine of the composition. Photo Rag® Metallic radiates the bold, shimmering quality brilliantly. By pairing ‘Beatific / Caustic’ with the new Photo Rag® Metallic Paper, I was able to deliver high-quality FineArt prints to the world without compromising the image.”

The 340 gsm paper is made of 100% cotton and has no optical brighteners. Of course, Photo Rag® Metallic, like all Hahnemühle papers in the Digital FineArt Collection, is free of acid and lignin and meets the highest requirements for aging resistance. With different roll and sheet sizes, photographers can choose from a wide range of options. Users get the best printing results with our Hahnemühle ICC profiles. The ICC profiles are available for download on our website.

About Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle is considered the inventor of Digital FineArt papers for inkjet printing. As a pioneer, the oldest German artist paper manufactory has been refining its real artist papers for photography and art reproductions for more than 15 years.

The papers – manufactured for more than 430 years with characteristic craftsmanship – receive a special coating, without influencing the noble haptics of the papers. This inkjet coating allows prints with pin-sharp details, in both rich colour and deep blacks. All papers have excellent aging resistance. The Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection offers more than 20 different papers, while the Hahnemühle Photo Range is comprised of eight papers.

Hahnemühle has a worldwide reputation as a ‘brand of the century’ among artists, photographers, museums, galleries and collectors.

Headquartered in Dassel, Southern Lower Saxony; with offices in the United Kingdom, France, USA and China; the company employs approximately 200 people worldwide.

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26 Jul, 2018

Even though the phrase "time is money" is almost as old as time itself, it still applies to small and big companies of today.  Summa, value your time and will continue researching every way to improve your workflow. Summa makes your dream come true and enables you to divide your job time almost in half thanks to the release of the G-Performance mode. This mode is specifically designed to enhance the speed/performance of digital finishing operations on the S Class 2 roll cutters up to 40%, which will save you precious time to spend on other things.

Transform your S Class 2 cutter into a lean, mean, even faster-cutting machine than before with the G-Performance, no matter whether it be a cutter with tangential or drag knife technology or our smallest or largest cutter in the product range. However, speed is not the only advantage you will benefit from. Your S Class 2 cutter will be able to read registration marks, to achieve a perfect cut, even with print deformations, at an ever faster pace

No matter how wide the substrate and/or machine, the advantages of the G-Performance will definitely show in production times. The G-Performance mode is available as free unlock on new machines (2018). However, even S Class 2 cutters, built before 2018, can experience the full benefits of the G-Performance mode as well. Especially within large industrial environments, this G-performance mode will prove its worth and give your overall workflow a serious boost.

Make your dream a reality and release the G-Performance mode on your S Class 2 vinyl and contour cutter! Unlock your boost extension at www.summa.eu/g-performance!

Not convinced? Have a look at a side by side comparison of two S Class 2 cutters, one with and one without the G-Performance mode.

Why stop there?

And while we're at it, Summa released even more features (for free!) to enhance the finishing experience with your Summa S Class 2 cutters. Check it out!

Short Load

This new functionality on the S Class 2 cutters ensures less material will be forwarded, so possible material obstructions are avoided. The fixed size of the autoload of the media is 80 cm.  Not only does the short load mode makes sure the material will not touch the floor or be hindered by obstructions, it also guarantees less waste of material, which contributes to the overall user-friendliness, the environment (less waste=less pollution) and your wallet!

Dog Ear Function

Thanks to the updated intelligence on the Summa S2 Series, dog ears (pleated corners) in the substrates will be avoided during loading. Before, the cutting head would immediately start on the right side of the media during loading, which could then lead to these pleated corners.  With the dog ear function, the head will first position itself on top of the media during loading and will position itself on the right side afterwards.  As a result, damaging the product will be avoided and a clean cut can be yours to admire!


OPOS has the unique ability to register multiple marks along a job.  With the OPOS XY2 function also the additional XY line at the end of the job will be read now, which will lead to more compensation possibilities in deformation and even more contour cut accuracy than before, especially when cutting large jobs.  No restriction, only unsurpassed accuracy, and impeccable precision!

The new S Class 2 screensaver is more informative, which will enhance user-friendliness to the fullest. Moreover, instead of the Summa logo, tips will be shown to make sure ultimate efficiency will be reached during the job.

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22 Jul, 2018

Today, Onyx Graphics, Inc., announced global availability of ONYX 18, the newest version release of the company’s award-winning wide- and grand-format software that includes new colour technologies for colour accuracy, consistency, and conformance to standards such as G7 and Fogra that print service providers can prove to their customers.

ONYX 18 – covering the entire product portfolio of ONYX solutions including ONYX Thrive print workflow; and ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX RIPCenter RIP software – is now available to all ONYX Advantage customers by requesting a key update and to all other customers for immediate purchase. The ONYX Advantage subscription program gives ONYX software users a quick and easy way to keep their software current and secure their investment. Customers that are not ONYX Advantage subscribers should contact PSW Paper & Print for more information.

“ONYX 18 represents the next generation of wide-format print software capabilities,” said Bryan Manwaring, Director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. “The improvements really raise the bar in giving print service providers the ability to validate colour, match standards and maintain consistency to get the best possible output.”

Previewed at the International Sign Expo in Orlando, March 22-24 and formally announced at FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin, May 21-23, ONYX 18 software gained immediate recognition upon its launch from the European Digital Press when it was honoured with the 2018 EDP Award for Best Colour Management software.

Key features

The latest release of ONYX 18 gives users a new colour experience, while bringing consistency, reliability, and power to a print environment. Highlights of ONYX 18 include:

  • ONYX Color, the industry-leading colour engine, includes new core enhancements for improved black ink combinations that give increased shadow detail, texture and definition, as well as increased saturation of reds and oranges without compromising ink savings. Textile and soft signage application benefit especially from these enhancements. 
  • ColorCheck, a new process control tool set that enables print service providers to guarantee colour accuracy to their customers as well as ensure consistency of output across devices over time. 
  • ColorCheck also ensures conformance to standards including G7 and Fogra as well as baseline testing for process control and in-product indicators for printer recalibration. 
  • PosterColor 2.0, a technology first introduced to the industry by Onyx Graphics, uses next-generation smart rendering intent to boost saturation of solid colours for added ‘pop’ across all image types. 
  • AccuBoost, new for ONYX 18, is an iterative ICC profiling technique for pinpoint accuracy of ICC profiles. 
  • The latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE 4.8), accelerates processing for patterns and soft masks with super-fast algorithms for rendering complex file types resulting in big performance gains. 

About Onyx Graphics, Inc.

Leading the market since 1989, Onyx Graphics is dedicated to helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quality. Its passion for delivering superb colour led to the development of ONYX Color, Onyx Graphics’ own colour engine optimised specifically for large format inkjet printing. Innovative, productive, and satisfied customers around the globe help motivate the company to continually develop and enhance its leading-edge technologies. Global channel partnerships and longstanding relationships with printer manufacturers position Onyx Graphics as a market leader in powerful, reliable, large format printing workflow software.

For more information, visit www.onyxgfx.com.

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