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From the outset PSW Paper & Print has taken great care to understand our business needs in the fast moving world of large format print. Honest, expert advice and top notch support has resulted in our 10 year relationship.
David Wilson - Business Owner
We quickly established that PSW were specialists. The installation of our large format scanner went like a dream and it was clear that we were working with experts who new exactly what they were talking about.
John Robertson - Business Owner
We work with PSW when investing in new kit as we trust and like working with them. They understand our business and we have been delighted with all aspects of the service, training and installation they have provided.
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31 Mar, 2020

For many years, Neschen’s print ’n’ walk portfolio has a solution for any application. While standard floor graphics media on the market need to be laminated for slip resistance after printing, print ’n’ walk products are immediately ready for use - a time and cost-saving solution.

Getting a workout in Bondi Beach, Australia

Could there be anything better than getting a nice workout in a location that is known for its beautiful beach and sunny weather? The customer project provided by Starleaton, Australia, takes us to Bondi Beach, Where Neschen’s print ’n’ walk took part in transforming the waterfront into an outdoor gym. For this project, print ’n’ walk was used on the workout stage, where the coaches will perform their workout routines.

In no time, Neschen’s print ’n’ walk gave the workout stage a decorative wooden look. The durable anti-slip surface is an excellent choice for this purpose because it provides a secure workout surface for the coaches while giving the stage an eye-catching design.

Images courtesy of Starleaton, Australia: https://www.starleaton.com.au

As this example shows. Some of Neschen’s print ’n’ walk media's are perfectly suited for outdoor use. UV print ’n’ walk power-tack for example is a true all-rounder when it comes to applications on difficult surfaces: From concrete, wood, and pavement this high-tack film is a top choice. UV print ’n’ walk power-tack is excellent for eye-catching advertising at the point of sale, trade shows, showrooms or large-scale promotional campaigns. After printing with UV-curable inks, UV print ’n’ walk power-tack provides a R9-certified anti-slip surface. The film is perfectly suited for outdoor use under dry conditions.

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30 Mar, 2020

Ottar A.B. Anderson from Ulsteinvik is a professional Norwegian photographer, who has been working with Neschen products for some time. In one of his latest projects, his outstanding works transformed the interior walls of the five newest vessels of the HAVFISK AS fleet. HAVFISK AS is Norway’s largest trawler company, made up to 9 vessels and 29.6 cod trawling licenses. The company primarily catches cod, haddock, and satire. All fish are gutted onboard and the company provides fresh and frozen fish throughout the year.

Andersons’s project started in 2012 and by now, five vessels feature his high-quality photos on their walls. For mounting his photo art, Anderson used Neschen’s Gudy 802 and Gudy 808. Gudy 802 is a high-quality, double-sided mounting film for digital prints and photos. The transparent adhesive film retains the original character of photo paper, a great choice for this project. Neschen’s Gudy 808 opaque mounting film is excellent for cold laminating on dark boards. Thanks to the white carrier material, particularly colour-intensive images appear even more brilliant on dark substrates.

Gudy 808 also has a pH-neutral adhesive that prevents catalytic processes and thus protects the quality and value of the print long term. It’s powerful adhesive strength guarantees a reliable bond.

Anderson also incorporated Filmolux Photo Satin to laminate his works. The laminating film works well with classical photos as well as inkjet and digital print media. It protects the work from UV rays, almost completely absorbing the UV-B spectrum rays. Anderson’s works that have been installed in 2012 still feature their beautiful colours, as if they just been hung on the wall.

Neschen Protection and Mounting Laminates

Beautiful seascapes transform the meeting room’s walls. Mounting the images and not framing them is an ideal choice for this project, as framing would distract the eyes from the underwater worlds in Anderson’s works.

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17 Mar, 2020

Book protection films have many advantages: In addition to protecting against damage, the book's covers are easy to clean and resistant to a wide range of cleaning agents and solvents.  The easy-to-clean and resistant to a wide range of cleaning agents and solvents.  The easy-to-clean covers are a big advantage for libraries and any other location where books are handled by many people.  Nevertheless, there are a few points you should consider when cleaning your wrapped books.

Cleaning book protection films

In order to prevent dust particles, small grains of sand or other particles from damaging the surface, damp cleaning is recommended for book protection films.  A special cleaner for films is not necessary and conventional cleaning agents can be used.  A mixture of warm water and detergent is very effective.  However, very aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents are not suitable.

Disinfecting book protection films

How the book protection film can also be disinfected and not just cleaned, depends on the film.

To select the right kind of disinfectant, take into consideration which types of microorganisms are to be killed.  Additionally, it is important to keep the agent's effect on the material in mind.   Not every surface is compatible with all types of disinfectants.  Under certain circumstances, some book protection films can be damaged by the use of certain chemical compositions.

To clean book protection films thoroughly, it is wise to disinfect them with a liquid agent.  Disinfection with gases (such as ethylene oxide) and radiation (beta or gamma rays) is not possible with book protection films.

Liquid disinfectants are based on

  • Ethanol
  • Isopropanol
  • Glycerine
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Distilled Water

However, these components can have a negative effect on plastic, depending on their concentration, exposure time and temperature.  Additionally, the reaction depends on the plastic material itself because every type of surface reacts differently to these chemicals.

Disinfecting PVC-based book protection films

Book protection films made of PVC are sensitive to ethanol and isopropanol. The result: The film becomes brittle if it repeatedly comes into contact with these substances. The two named chemicals dissolve the plasticisers and the alcohol penetrates the film, causing it to swell up. Afterwards, the film will feel sticky. However, Glycerine, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water do not harm PVC films and are therefore a better choice for disinfection.

Disinfecting PP-based book protection films

When it comes to disinfecting PP-based films, it is important to know that hydrogen peroxide can damage the surface more easily due to its oxidation effect.The other components (ethanol, isopropanol, glycerine and distilled water) do not harm the material and are a good choice.

Note: Both, PP and PVC book protection films should be cleaned or disinfected carefully, otherwise the surface will get scratches from the cleaning motion, resulting in the film’s transparency to be lost.

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9 Mar, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY, March 9th, 2020 – Onyx Graphics today announced the acceptance of Digital Output’s 25th Annual Top 50 Readers’ Choice Awards. Each year Digital Output’s dedicated readership dictates the top 50 winners and ten honourable mentions.

Using the magazine’s web-based metric system, DOdirect.net, the magazine tallies readers’ interest in companies throughout the year via requests made on print and web editorial, and advertisements seen by their readership in their magazine, website or weekly newsletter. Onyx Graphics is now celebrating many

years of recognition by Digital Output’s readership with its inclusion in another year’s top choice awards.

“We are continually thankful to our worldwide customer base for choosing ONYX as their preferred solution,” said Jonathan Rogers, International Marketing Manager at Onyx Graphics, Inc. “We are committed to developing industry-leading software solutions and support for our customers to achieve the very best output for their print buyer customers.”

This latest award marks the first accolade for 2020 for ONYX software solutions. ONYX 19 will be showcased at the upcoming International Sign Expo in Atlanta Georgia, USA this April, along with the newly released ONYX Hub 2.0. ONYX Hub 2.0 brings data protection with secure server encryption, new user account controls and streamlined job submission from a central location to improve print production processes. ONYX 19 saw the introduction of the Spark Engine for a 400% increase in RIP speeds and DeviceLink+, a new system of colour management automation controls to synchronize colour across devices.

About Onyx Graphics, Inc.

Leading the industry since 1989, Onyx Graphics is dedicated to helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quality. Its passion for delivering superb colour led to the development of ONYX Color, Onyx Graphics’ own colour engine optimized specifically for large format inkjet printing. Innovative, productive, and satisfied customers around the globe help motivate the company to continually develop and enhance its leading-edge technologies. Global channel partnerships and longstanding relationships with printer manufacturers position Onyx Graphics as a market leader in powerful, reliable, large format printing workflow software.  Visit www.onyxgfx.com.

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6 Mar, 2020

Picture framing can be a challenge when presented with a variety of materials:  Valuable original artworks or historical documents require a different approach than photographs.  Nevertheless, every project deserves reliable solutions.  Discover our overview of picture framing essentials, ideal for the professional picture framer.

Framing of original artworks, reproductions and photographs

Decorative Aspect
By framing a picture, its decorative effect is emphasised and the picture transforms into a focal point on the wall.  For best results, the material, size and colour of the frame should match the creative vision of its creator or the customer and should therefore be chosen carefully.  When selecting a frame, the whole interior design should be taken into consideration including the colour scheme and the layout of the room.

Securing the artworks value long term
The material of the frame should match the value of the picture.  A high-quality picture deserves a high-quality frame.  Secure the value of the artwork by professionally framing it with reliable materials.

Protecting the picture again environmental factors
To ensure that a picture is preserved over many decades, protection against natural and mechanical environmental influences should always be the main focus of picture framing.  Professional framing protects the artwork from moisture, dirt, dust and fingerprints.

Picture framing with mats

Enhancing the look of a framed piece
The material, colour and thickness of mat/passe-parout gives the picture an individual note.  The choice of the mat's material and colour depends on personal taste, the colour scheme of the picture as well as the frame.  Mats are available with varying degrees of thickness and thus create different visual effects and varying degrees of depth.

Visual staging
Mats underline the look of the frame and draw the eye to the framed piece even more.  By Incorporating at mat, an image can be staged in a whole new way.

Protecting the artwork
A passe-partout creates a space between the picture and the glass of the frame.  The surface of the picture has no direct contact with the glass and is therefore better protected.  In addition, a passe-partout regulates the level of moisture within the framing by absorbing it and thus minimising its damaging impact on the picture.

Products for the picture framer

Self-adhesive takes and the passe-partout
Filmoplast tapes are a high-quality adhesive solution that meets the high demands of museums and archives.  The product range includes a variety of self-adhesive tapes that meet the most diverse requirements in picture framing.  For example the product Filmoplast P and P90, with their slightly alkaline adhesive, are ideal for mounting pictures behind the mat with so-called t-hinge.  Filmoplast SH is excellent for creating a reliable hinge to mount the passe-partout to the mountboard.  Filmoplast T creates a dust-proof seal in the back of the frame.  To repair and restore paper, Filmoplast R is an excellent choice.

Reasons for using Filmoplast tapes

  • Acid, solvent and phthalate-free
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Permanently elastic
  • Non-yellowing
  • No breakthrough after bonding to the substrate
  • Practical adhesive tape format in a handy dispenser box (including cutting knife)
  • No water required to activate the adhesive

example of T-hinge

T-hinge made easy with self-adhesive tapes: When choosing tapes, it is important that the products do not damage the picture.  Products such as Filmoplast P and Filmoplast P 90 therefore have a slightly alkaline adhesive.

example of Filmoplast P / P90 usage

Gudy® films for mounting onboard materials

To frame a picture professionally, there are a variety of useful products and materials available. These also include the double-sided adhesive and paper-based products Gudy® 831 Fine Art smooth and Gudy® 832 Fine Art textured. In addition to framing pictures, they are also suitable for mounting on a variety of board materials. Coated with a solvent-free, ageing-resistant and permanently elastic acrylic adhesive, both products are excellent for mounting art prints, photos and art reproductions of nearly all kinds. While Gudy® 831 fine art textured is used for smooth, not heavily textured papers up to 300 g/m2, Gudy® 832 fine art textured creates a secure bond even when working with strongly textured papers.

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