Matte Polyester Canvas - 44in

1118mm x 30m - 260gsm
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Are you looking for a fine art canvas for photo printing. Try this polycotton base for a fantastic photo finish the open weave pattern gives a unitform texture to your giclee canvas print and the gloss coating makes your works truly shine. Create any number of canvas prints on demand with this Innova gloss canvas.
In the Box
Photographic/Fine Art/Textiles
Important Notice - whilst every effort is made to ensure this information is correct you should check the size and capacity you require to ensure compatibility with the precise model you require.
Ink Compatability
Dye ink/Dye/Pigment ink/LUCIA EX Pigment ink/Eco-PA1 Aqueous ink/SPC-0494 Aqueous ink/FPG2 Aqueous ink/UltraChrome XD Ink/Pigment Ink/Vivera ink/Vivid Pigment ink
Machine Compatability
DesignJet 3000CP/DesignJet T1100/DesignJet T1120/DesignJet T1200/DesignJet T1300/DesignJet T1500/DesignJet T1530/DesignJet T2300eMFP/DesignJet T2500eMFP/DesignJet T2530eMFP/DesignJet T3500eMFP/DesignJet T770/DesignJet T790/DesignJet T795/DesignJet T920/DesignJet T930/DesignJet Z2100/DesignJet Z3200/DesignJet Z5200/DesignJet Z5400/DesignJet Z5600/DesignJet Z6100/DesignJet Z6200/DesignJet Z6600/DesignJet Z6800/Stylus Pro 9700/Stylus Pro 9890/Stylus Pro 9900/Stylus Pro 11880/SureColor SC-T7000/ImagePROGRAF IPF6400/ImagePROGRAF IPF6450/ImagePROGRAF iPF760/ImagePROGRAF iPF765/ImagePROGRAF iPF770/ImagePROGRAF iPF780/ImagePROGRAF iPF785/ImagePROGRAF iPF8000S/ImagePROGRAF iPF8100/ImagePROGRAF iPF815/ImagePROGRAF iPF825/ImagePROGRAF iPF830/ImagePROGRAF iPF8300/ImagePROGRAF iPF8300S/ImagePROGRAF iPF840/ImagePROGRAF iPF8400/ImagePROGRAF iPF8400S/ImagePROGRAF iPF850/ImagePROGRAF iPF9000S/ImagePROGRAF iPF9100/ImagePROGRAF iPF9400/ImagePROGRAF iPF9400S/DesignJet T1700/DesignJet Z6/DesignJet Z9/DesignJet Z6810/DesignJet Z6610/ImagePROGRAF TM 300/ImagePROGRAF TM 305/ImagePROGRAF TM 300 MFP L36EI/ImagePROGRAF TM 305 MFP L36EI/ImagePROGRAF TX 3000/DesignJet XL 3600/DesignJet T1600/DesignJet T2600/DesignJet T1600 F Series/DesignJet T1600dr F Series/DesignJet T2600 F Series/DesignJet T2600dr F Series/DesignJet Z6 Pro/DesignJet Z9+ Pro/DesignJet XL 3800/DesignJet T850/DesignJet T850 MFP/DesignJet T950/DesignJet T950 MFP
Packaging Dimensions
1130mm x 180mm x 180mm
13.4 kg
The media will be fit for purpose and free of manufacturing defects 90 days from data of purchase.
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