SmartWorks Pro - SCAN & COPY

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SmartWorks Pro is a intuitive software platform providing three discreate applications in one package. SmartWorks Pro SCAN & COPY provides a complete simultaneously scan to both file and printer solution with advanced image restoration and colour management.
In the Box
Packaging/Manuals/Software/USB Key
CAD/AEC/Print for Pay/Graphic Design/Education/GIS/Fine Art/Engineering/Photographic
Ink Compatability
1200dpi Optical/600dpi Optical/CCD Scanning Technology/CIS Scanning Techology/Colour Scanning Technology/Monochrome Scanning Technology/PC Compatible/Single Sensor Scanning Technology
Machine Compatability
PC Compatible/SmartLF Ci 24c/SmartLF Ci 24c MFP System/SmartLF Ci 24e/SmartLF Ci 24m/SmartLF Ci 40c MFP System/SmartLF Ci 40e/SmartLF Gx+ 28c/SmartLF Gx+ 28e/SmartLF Gx+ 28m/SmartLF Gx+ 42c/SmartLF Gx+ 42c MFP System/SmartLF Gx+ 42e/SmartLF Gx+ 42m/SmartLF Gx+ 56c/SmartLF Gx+ 56e/SmartLF Gx+ 56m/SmartLF Gx+ T28c/SmartLF Gx+ T28e/SmartLF Gx+ T28m/SmartLF Gx+ T42c/SmartLF Gx+ T42e/SmartLF Gx+ T42m/SmartLF Gx+ T56c/SmartLF Gx+ T56e/SmartLF Gx+ T56m/SmartLF SC 25c/SmartLF SC 25c MFP System/SmartLF SC 25e/SmartLF SC 25m/SmartLF SC 36c/SmartLF SC 36c MFP System/SmartLF SC 36e/SmartLF SC 36m/SmartLF SC 42c/SmartLF SC 42c MFP System/SmartLF SC 42e/SmartLF SC 42m
Packaging Dimensions
240mm x 160mm x 20mm
0.4 kg
1 Year RTB Warranty
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