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  1. Onyx Graphics launches educational webinars to help customers optimise their workflow

    Onyx Graphics launches educational webinars to help customers optimise their workflow

    Onyx Graphics is offering a new series of educational webinars to help its customers maximise their Onyx investment. These interactive online training programs are delivered live from Onyx experts across the globe. They are being provided at no charge, in compact segments focused on specific business needs and are designed to provide users with tips, tricks and solutions. Additionally, with colour management being a hot topic for todays’ print shops, Onyx Graphics will be offering a special colour-focussed seminar on matching colour across different printers with the company’s principle scientist and chair of the International Colour Consortium (ICC), Dr Max Derhak.

    “The purpose of these educational webinars is to help Onyx users everywhere hone their skills and maximise their investment”, said Matt Crawford, Director and Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. “We’ve already seen customers benefit by applying Onyx training optimise workflows and save money during this difficult time”.

    Customers are encouraged to visit for the schedule, as more classes are added weekly. Below is a snapshot of current available webinars:-

    Dr Max Derhak: DeviceLink+ Profiles for improving site-wide colour Attendees will be introduced to DeviceLink+ and learn how to apply quick sets and achieve consistent colour across devices.

    Dr Max Derhak: ICC Profile build options and iccMAX
    Attendees will get first-hand experience from the creator of iccMAX on what these settings do, their benefits and the print problems they solve.

    Swatchbooks: Matching colour with ease
    Attendees will learn about matching colours, printing swatches, and how to quickly reach custom brand colours.

    Onyx HUB: Save money and print data
    Attendees will learn how Onyx HUB usage reports, ink and media waste reports, and actual print production data can help identify waste and save money.

    Speciality inks: Get to grips with white ink
    Attendees will learn about file preparation for speciality ink printing workflows and quick sets for managing speciality ink.

    Onyx cut workflow: Closing the print and cut gap
    Attendees will receive an introduction to CUT-Server, how to set up a cutter and establish quick set automation from design to output.

    ColorCheck: Printing with confidence
    Attendees will understand how ColorCheck reports can be used to prove accuracy, identify baselines for consistent colour, and apply named colour tests for unique customers.

    About Onyx Graphics Inc.
    Leading the market since 1989, Onyx Graphics is dedicated to helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quality. Its passion for delivering superb colour led to the development of ONYX Color, Onyx Graphics own colour engine optimised specifically for large format inkjet printing. Innovative, productive and satisfied customers around the globe help motivate the company to continually develop and enhance its leading-edge technologies. Global channel partnerships and longstanding relationships with printer manufacturers position Onyx Graphics as a market leader in powerful, reliable, large format printing workflow software.

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  2. Hahnemühle Natural Line Wins "Best Inkjet Photo Paper" in TIPA World Awards 2020

    Hahnemühle Natural Line Wins "Best Inkjet Photo Paper" in TIPA World Awards 2020

    Hahnemühle is delighted that this year not only one FineArt inkjet paper from its collection has won a TIPA World Award, But three!   With the Hahnemühle Natural Line and the paper grades, Hahnemühle Bamboo, Hahnemühle Hemp, and Hahnemühle Agave the inventor of Digital FineArt Inkjet papers has once again succeeded in convincing the Technical Press Imaging Association - in short: TIPA.  All three papers of the Hahnemühle Natural Line are awarded the TIPA World Award 2020 in the category "Best Inkjet Photo Paper".  The editors and publishers of 30 photo and imaging magazines from all over the world are excited about the papers from Hahnemühle's Natural Line:

    "The Hahnemühle Natural Line appeals in both their sustainable manufacture and their unique surface characteristics.  The cellulose in these papers is supplied by raw materials that require minimal maintenance and do not need any pesticides.  Each 290gsm paper has a unique look and feel.  Bamboo is a warm tone paper with a lightly textured surface;  Hemp is a bright wide matte paper with a slight textural surface, and Agave has a more textural surface with a bright white base."

    The Natural Line has a special place in the Hahnemühle Digital FIneArt Collection.  It focuses on FineArt inkjet papers made from unique raw materials: Bamboo, Hemp and Agave.  The plants that provide the cellulose require minimal maintenance, grow quickly, and don't need any pesticides.  Their rapid growth means that more cellulose can be produced on the same cropland than with other raw materials, and they also require much less water, helping to save valuable resources and protect the environment.   The new FineArt inkjet papers from the Natural Line are the next step in our continuous pursuit of sustainability and careful use of our resources.  The Natural Line complements the Digital FineArt Collection with special fine art inkjet papers made from unique raw materials and supports under the Green Rooster initiative environmental projects on a regional and international level.

    Additionally, all three paper grades do not require optical brighteners, are acid and lignin-free, and are completely vegan - like all our Digital FineArt Collection papers.  

    Clean water, natural fibres, first-rate expertise in paper production and absolute commitment to the production site in Germany have been the foundation of Hahnemühle's success for more than 435 years.  Hahnemühle treats its natural environment with respect and is socially responsible - after all, it wouldn't be able to create high-quality paper without this kind of uncompromising dedication.  Hahnemühle is proud of all it has achieved so far and is constantly working to improve sustainability and conserve resources.  Sustainability plays a key role at its production site as Hahnemühle is located close to a nature reserve.    Thus, environmentally paper production is a high priority.  Careful and responsible use of valuable resources such as water, fibers, and energy is a matter of course.

    The Hahnemühle Natural Line papers are therefore the result of Hahnemühle's willingness to innovate, it's a commitment to sustainability and its sense of responsibility.

    All three sustainable premium inkjet papers of the Hahnemühle Natural Line celebrated their worldwide premiere at the Photo Plus Expo in New York in Autumn 2019.  The world innovation was to make its debut in Germany at Photokina 2020 this year to demonstrate that perfect FineArt printing can be taken to a new level with sustainable papers.  Unfortunately, this is being postponed until 2021.  The outstanding artist papers from the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt collection are and will remain unique to the market.

    About Hahnemühle
    Hahnemühle is regarded as the inventor of Digital FineArt paper for inkjet printers. For more than 20 years, the oldest German paper manufacturer has been leading the way in producing true artist papers for photography and art reproductions. The papers – made with over 435 years of manufacturing experience – all receive a special coating that does not affect the exquisite feel of the papers. The inkjet coating produces prints with razor-sharp details, bold colours and deep blacks. All papers have an excellent resistance to ageing. The Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection offers more than 20 different types of paper, and the Hahnemühle Photo range includes eight types of media. Awarded ‘Brand of the Century’, Hahnemühle enjoys an esteemed reputation worldwide among artists, photographers, museums, galleries and collectors.

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  3. Floorminders | Shop navigation, social distancing reminder or advertisement

    Floorminders | Shop navigation, social distancing reminder or advertisement

    Floor stickers are real eye-catchers. Most people look down slightly when they walk and a floor sticker is, therefore, a great advertising medium. For store owners or exhibitors, the floor is a perfect stage for conveying a message. But floor graphic films are not only ideal as advertising media. They are also an excellent and cost-effective orientation aid in public areas.

    Navigating customers through supermarkets, pharmacies and drugstores has become extremely important in times of “social distancing”

    Besides advertisements, floor stickers have become a favoured medium for another reason - they are used to navigate people through public locations in times of “social distancing”.

    Currently, many supermarkets across UK and Europe use floor graphics to remind people to keep the distance amid the ongoing COVID-19 situation. But not just supermarkets, in any place where customers have to line up and wait their turn, floor minders are a great way to remind them of the distance they should keep. But not only in challenging times like these, but floor minders are also in general an excellent medium to provide assistance to customers in many locations. Doctor surgeries, pharmacies or banks, and any place where private matters are handled, keeping the distance is polite but often forgotten. Floor minders are a great way to kindly remind customers to be discrete.

    In shopping centres or during trade shows, they can help shoppers and visitors to find restrooms, the food court or exits more easily. So besides just advertising - anywhere, where people need to find their way, floor graphics are a cost-efficient tool.

    Things to keep in mind when using floor graphics

    Slip resistance

    A certified slip resistance is paramount in public spaces. There are strict guidelines regarding slip resistance and products that have been certified by an official agency should be used in all cases. Some films require extra lamination to achieve mandatory slip resistance for public spaces. R9 is the lowest anti-slip certification but suffices in many areas. It is used, for example, in areas where people come from outside, such as shops, restaurants and entrance halls. R13 is the highest class of slip resistance and is mandatory for greasy. Wet areas.

    Most floor stickers consist of two layers: a self-adhesive film on which the message is printed and a non-slip laminating film, protecting the sticker and providing slip resistance. The production of such stickers is time-consuming and labour intensive. After printing, the ink has to dry, the laminating machine has to be adjusted and the laminating itself also takes a lot of time. In addition, if the quality of the floor stickers is low, there is a risk of shrinkage between the lamination film and the sticker. Additionally, loosening of both layers can occur. Neschen’s print ’n’ walk films are a great choice. These films have an R9-certified surface, even after printing with latex and uv-curable inks, so extra lamination is no longer necessary. The films are ideal for short-term applications.

    The right adhesion

    On slightly structured and more challenging surfaces, such as concrete, wood, or tiles, you need high-tack films that provide a strong adhesive strength. Otherwise, your floor graphics will be ruined quickly. High-tack films such as Neschen UV print ’n’ walk power-tack provides strong adhesive strength and adheres excellently to uneven surfaces without curling or loosening at the corners. The UV print ’n’ walk power-tack films are not only suitable for indoor use, but under dry conditions, you can also use them outside.

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  4. New flame protection certificates from AWTA for Design2Wall products 2515 and 2517

    New flame protection certificates from AWTA for Design2Wall products 2515 and 2517

    The Australian Wool Testing Authority Limited (AWTA Product Testing) awarded two non-woven wallpapers from SiHL after extensive tests with their flame protection certificate.  These products are now not only tested according to European standards, but also according to Australian and New Zealand standards.

    Non-woven design2wall FR210 (2517) and pre-pasted non-woven design2wall FR 2430 (2515) are high-quality non-woven wallpapers for printing with solvent, latex and UV inks and are characterised by high colour brilliance and dimensional stability.  The tough, scratch-resistant surface permits its long-term use in busy areas.  In addition, both wallpapers are PVC free, FSC certified and environmentally friendly.

    Thanks to the water-activated paste on the back, the printed wallpaper pre-pasted non-woven design2wall FR 230 (2515) can be stuck to the wall immediately after soaking in water.  The pre-dose of paste adheres to many different surfaces remaining easy to remove.

    Both products are already certified as flame retardant according to the European Standard EN13501-1.  Now AWTA product testing has also tested both products for heat and smoke release rates according to the methods ISO 5660.1-2015 and AS / NZS 3837-1998.  Both non-woven wallpapers were able to meet the requirements and are now certified as flame-retardant according to Australian and New Zealand standards.

    About SiHL 
    SiHL is the leading expert for printing media solutions in a fast-growing digital imaging market.  As a high-performing, international company, SiHL offers all-important technological expertise and in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

    With its future-proof product solutions, SiHL strengthens its customers’ market position and makes a significant contribution to improving its customers’ and partners’ added value with innovative services.

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