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  1. 6 opportunities to enhance your business with a vinyl cutter

    6 opportunities to enhance your business with a vinyl cutter

    If you weren't convinced already, we will make sure you will be now! Read the following post on 6 reasons to choose our Summa roll cutters above any other available on the market. Obviously, there are more than 6 reasons, but type space is limited, so here we go!

    1. True Tangential Technology

    A True Tangential head has a motor, controlling the direction of the blade at all times, enabling to cut thick and hard substrates with unsurpassed high detail and quality. Summa offers a True Tangential cutting head, enabling to cut materials quickly and concisely up to 47 mils thick. All other cutters in the market use drag (swivel) cutting heads and an improved process called “Tangential emulation”. Tangential emulation tries to simulate this control but does not have any motorised control over the blade. Consequently, tangential emulation will never provide for the same accuracy than if you were to use a cutter with a True Tangential cutting head.

    2. Repeatability

    ‘Repeatability’ is a term, which refers to how accurately the cutter keeps cutting whilst media is being transported. The repeatability guaranteed on the SummaCut line of cutters is 8 m (26 ft.); on the S Class 2 line, this would be 12 m (40 ft.). The closest competitor in the market only guarantees 1.9 m (6.5 ft.), which is quite a difference. It is important the cutter is able to process the appropriate dimensions accurately at all times, which can be guaranteed with Summa’s repeatability feature. Note: All cutters are measured on a spec called ‘tracking’. However, ‘tracking’ only defines how accurately the transport of the media occurs. This could be misleading because it doesn’t specifically refer to the movement of media whilst cutting.

    3. Barcode Feature

    Unique to Summa is the ability to read barcodes with the onboard sensor. The barcode will automatically communicate with the software to retrieve the necessary cut data and initiate the cutting. After finishing the job, the cutter will automatically search for the next barcode and repeat the process. This allows for an entire roll of printed graphics to be cut without user intervention. Maximal automation and productivity are yours to enjoy!

    4. OPOS Sensor

    Summa uses a “white light technology” to recognise registration marks and barcodes.  The Summa OPOS (white light) sensor is able to detect registration marks on all UV protection films. Other cutters in the market are still using the old IR (Infra-Red) light. However, all laminates have built-in UV inhibitors nowadays. When using these old IR sensors, the cutter will encounter difficulty to recognise (be able to find) the registration marks because the UV light is being filtered by the UV protected laminate. The OPOS sensor is also capable of registering other colours beyond black on white (dark, blue, grey, etc..).

    5. Unique Summa Line: S Class 2 OPOS CAM Series

    Summa offers the possibility to have a camera – OPOS CAM – mounted on the cutter instead of a light sensor. The main advantage here is speed. The OPOS CAM system can register marks 10 x faster than any light sensor. This is a considerable increase in productivity, especially when processing entire rolls. Another advantage is the ability to create a “camera profile” for every challenging media type (ie. reflective). This profile will enable the cutter to register marks on any substrate because the profile can be created specifically to the media type.

    6. G-Performance, boost your S Class 2 performance up to 40%

    Transform your S Class 2 cutter into a lean, mean and faster cutting machine than ever before thanks to the G-Performance feature. No matter whether it be a cutter with tangential or drag knife technology or our smallest or largest cutter in the product range, the G-performance will exceed every model's speed limit. However, speed is not the only advantage you will benefit from. Your S Class 2 cutter will be able to also read registration marks, to achieve a perfect cut, even with print deformations, at an ever faster pace!

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  2. New products for vivid advertising messages

    New products for vivid advertising messages

    From 14 to 17 May 2019 in Munich, Sihl is presenting innovative products in the fields of advertising, POS and dye sublimation which are suitable for numerous applications.

    SIHL materials for signage and signposts

    Self-adhesive films enable a variety of advertising applications in addition to the production of signage and signposts. This is ensured by base materials and adhesives which have been optimised for the application and which guarantee particularly easy application and removal of signs for seasonal shop window campaigns or shop fittings.

    For this, SIHL is presenting the two permanently adhesive vinyl films for waterbased inks SA Vinyl Plus 110 P-CA FR AQ matt 3635 and SA Vinyl Plus 110 P-CA FR AQ glossy 3585 for high quality labels and advertising materials in photographic quality which, as of today, are B1-certified. The two films can be bonded to flat and smooth surfaces and are thus ideally suited for the production of indoor signs and advertising media. These matt or glossy finish films are optimised for waterbased printing. Thanks to its water-resistant coating, it is also suitable for short-term outdoor applications when printed with pigment inks.

    In addition to these products, Sihl will also be focusing on its range of environmentally friendly, wet-strength papers for outdoor use at FESPA. One focus will be on the presentation of sustainable materials such as the TriSolv billboard papers for poster and advertising applications, which is FSC®-certified (Forest Stewardship Council).

    SIHL materials for lightboxes and window advertising

    Brilliant colours, excellent contrast and a high radiance are the basis for eye-catching lightbox and shop window advertising that attract everyone’s attention.

    Visitors can expect a new backlit material that offers excellent contrast and a high radiance for their designs. The Backlit Film Plus 220 Satin (3560) is very well suited for the creation of lightbox advertising with solvent, latex and UV ink systems. This media can be applied both indoor or outdoor, as well as in humid conditions.

    The new backlit film has numerous advantages. It allows use with both reflected and transmitted light sources, has a high contrast and produces rich black densities, as well as quick drying and having high ink absorption capacity. Its thickness of 220 μm permits installation in lightboxes without kinks and its good scratch resistance ensures robust printed images.

    SIHL materials for trade fairs, POS and events

    Modern trade fair stands, events and sales rooms thrive on the fact that effective advertising elements such as a point of sale or a trade fair display with vibrant and brilliant colours are effective in seconds. For this, Sihl offers an extensive range of exclusive print media with a fine finish.

    Sihl is presenting another new film in its roll-up range. The Roll-Up Film Plus 210 SB matt AQ (3597) was designed for the production of roll-up and display graphics with water-based and latex printers. The matt coating ensures excellent scratch resistance, as well as high print quality and brilliant colour reproduction. This polypropylene/polyester composite is tear resistant guaranteeing problem-free processing and thanks to the silverback offers high opacity, the thickness allows good flatness and it is suitable for all mid-term applications.

    SIHL 3D sublimation films for furniture, interior design, gadgets and advertising media

    In Munich, Sihl will present two prototypes of dye sublimation film for dye sublimation printing, that can then be transferred either to 3D furniture pieces for unique designs or to 3D objects for the gift sector, such as mobile phones.

    The two SubliColor Gadget and SubliColor Object films meet the most important criteria and requirements, such as high transfer rates, quick drying and flexible softening of the material, which enables the film to be applied perfectly to all corners of 3D objects.

    In hall A5, on stand J15 Sihl looks forward to all of its visitors!

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